Herz Jewelers

Fine jewelry that reflects your story

Herz jewelry is proud to serve discerning clients across the globe. Our gemologists, designers, and jewelers create one-of-a-kind pieces that transform our customers’ dreams into stunning realities. We offer a wide range of services, with special emphasis on diamond engagement rings, solitaires, and wedding and anniversary bands. 

The Herz Difference

With over a decade spent building our industry network, Herz has professional connections in New York, Antwerp, Tel-Aviv, London, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Our vast network enables us to offer top-tier quality and custom-tailored designs at competitive prices. 

Our designs are thoughtfully crafted with the client’s unique preferences and desires in mind. Each diamond comes with a Diamond Report or Certificate from a Gemological Laboratory, with meticulous attention to symmetry, polish, and proportions. 

The Herz Difference

Your Private Jeweler

As a private jeweler specializing in gemology, we offer complete customization and unparalleled attention to detail. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to see your unique vision to its stunning conclusion. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by your personal preferences and built to stand the test of time.

At Herz, we pride ourselves on being an individual or a family’s private jeweler for life. Close relationships are the firm foundation of our company, and we treat every customer with the attention and thoughtfulness needed to make lasting connections.

Our Process


Whether you have an intricate idea or just a basic budget in mind, this is where the conversation begins. We also like to think of this as the “storytelling” phase. It is our chance to listen, understand and appreciate the origin and inspiration of your piece.

We will discuss the gemstones and materials you would like to use in your design and how different choices might impact your budget.

Stone Selection

During the stone selection phase, you will choose and personalize the diamond or colored gemstone. Details include size, carat weight, shape, cut, style, color and clarity. The qualities decided at this stage play a big part in the overall design. 

Final Design 

We will propose several prototypes so that, with your help, we can refine the final design. Depending on the characteristics, precious metal, and type of diamond, we will then provide a quotation and estimated manufacturing time. 


With your order confirmed, we will begin the design and manufacturing process. At this stage, we apply meticulous care to selecting your diamonds (or other gemstones) so that they meet all project requirements. Expert goldsmiths execute our manufacturing process using years of experience in the jewelry industry. 

The Reveal

The moment everyone has been waiting for–a dream becomes a reality, and a story is brought to life. If you are nearby, you can visit our store to see your new work of art and try it on. Or, we can send your order directly to your residence through insured transport. Either way, the creative journey is complete, and your one-of-a-kind design is yours to cherish forever.

Inspired by You, designed by Herz

Our diverse team of skilled professionals delivers highly personalized pieces that reflect your distinct desires from concept to design to final execution. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is next to none, and tailor-made jewelry is where our attention to detail and deft designers truly shine. There is no project too simple or complex–each inspires our total devotion, dedication and focus.

The first step is making contact with our shop. No matter where you are on the globe, distance is no deterrent to a close, collaborative effort. You can speak with us virtually or in person as we work to create the perfect piece of jewelry. We are eager to hear your thoughts, ideas and personal story as we embark on this journey together.