Herz Jewelers and Gemologists

Bespoke fine jewelry design

At Herz, our skilled team of gemologists, designers and jewelers work together to create custom pieces that make indelible impressions. Our tailor-made designs are a unique collaboration between jeweler and customer–allowing you to customize every detail for a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

Herz Jewelers and Gemologists

Meet our team

Founders Anthony and Irena met at the Spanish Gemological Institute. There, they solidified and nurtured their mutual love and appreciation for high-quality jewelry manufacturing. Today, they are gemologists, diamond experts and renowned jewelry designers who inspire and delight with their highly personalized pieces.

Irena Skowronski

Graduated Gemologist, Diamond Expert and Jewelry Designer

Irena was also exposed to high-end diamonds and gemstones at a young age. She pursued her dream of gemology with an emphasis on jewelry design, graduating from the Spanish Gemological Institute and furthering her studies in Polished Diamond Grading (IGE) and Rough Diamonds at the International Gemological Institute. Irena specializes in jewelry design with an emphasis on diamonds in both modern and timeless designs. 

Irena Skowroñski
Tony Cáceres

Tony Cáceres

European Gemologist, Rough and Polished Diamond Expert

The love affair with gems began early for both Anthony and Irena. As a boy, Anthony was greatly influenced by his father’s profession–emerald and luxury goods trading. Exploring his father’s jewelry workshop, Anthony developed a fascination that remains intact and enthusiastic to this day. Anthony obtained the title of European Gemologist with further studies in Rough Diamonds at IGI (Antwerp, Belgium) and Diamond Training at Debeers Institute of Diamonds (London, England.)

Herz’s Story

Together, Irena and Anthony share their life, passion, and profession. They travel the world, immersing themselves in educational spaces, events, and fairs that grow their expertise in gemology and the cultural influence of jewelry. 

Herz’s physical location is a story of love and family, too. Irena’s grandmother–Brigitte Herz–ran a Malaga shoe shop for many years before passing it on to her daughter, Irena’s mother. Irena’s mother continued with the shop, transitioning from shoes to jewelry in 2008. When she retired in 2019, Anthony and Irena transformed the longtime family store once more, and Herz fine jewelry was born. 

The shop is so named as a tribute, having been in Irena’s family since 1964. In German, Herz translates to “heart”–an homage to Irena’s grandmother and an invitation for lovers of bespoke jewelry to enter, explore and discover a piece that speaks directly to their soul.

Herz’s Mission

At Herz, our mission is to create exquisite, tailor-made pieces that help people express their love, devotion and appreciation. We invite our customers to enjoy superior quality, customize every detail, and pay less than they would elsewhere.

Jewelers make, sell and repair jewelry. Typically, their expertise lies in metalwork. But a gemologist uses scientific processes, determines unique qualities, and detects flaws through their vast gemological knowledge. At Herz, we strive to strike an elegant balance between gemology and jewelry expertise, so our clients get the best of both worlds. 

Guiding customers through a superior experience that helps them purchase with absolute confidence is an essential part of our mission. As professional gemologists, we take great joy in bringing our customer’s dreams to life, infusing each piece with our lifelong dedication and appreciation for fine jewelry. We hope you love the Herz difference.