Classic collections for memorable occasions

Custom designs to make them shine

Throughout the ages, classic jewelry pieces have stood the test of time. They have become synonymous with significant events and occasions, ushering in new seasons of life, celebrating milestones and symbolizing our affections and intentions. 

At Herz, we know how important it is to get these moments right. We understand that you have a clear intention with your classic piece, and you want it to inspire delight, joy and excitement in someone you love. We also understand that you have a budget. 

Our goal is to make stunning jewelry accessible, offering high-quality diamonds and gemstones for less than you might pay elsewhere. We will provide expert advice at every step, and our professional gemologists can help you choose the perfect materials. Whatever the occasion, it all starts with a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Rings mark devotion, commitment and care. We design rings for all occasions, including diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, halo diamond rings, three stone diamond rings and much more.


Whether you need earrings for everyday sparkle or to enhance a special occasion, diamond stud earrings, diamond dangle earrings, rose gold diamond earrings and many more add a luxurious touch to any look.


A beautiful bracelet is timeless and elegant. Choose from diamond tennis bracelet, diamond cuff bracelet, white gold diamond bracelet and many other exquisite options.


An eye-catching necklace leaves a lasting impression. Make the moment memorable with a diamond cross necklace, diamond choker necklace, diamond heart pendant necklace and much more. 

Magical moments deserve dazzling designs

While Herz specializes in bespoke and custom jewelry using modern techniques, we also honor and respect time-honored tradition and the classics of the jewelry world. Bestowing jewelry to mark life’s important milestones is an act that goes back thousands of years. As your personal jeweler, Herz is honored to be a part of your life’s most remarkable moments.

Each Herz diamond includes a grading report issued by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Every purchase benefits from our specialized advice so that you can decide and design with confidence, no matter the occasion.


The engagement ring symbolizes devotion, eternity, and one partner’s lifelong commitment to the other. A circular shape represents the unbroken nature of the bond, having no beginning and no end. Whether you opt for a princess cut diamond ring or radiant cut diamond ring, the meaning is always the same: your engagement ring reflects your intentions of faithfulness. It has become a universal symbol of eternal love. 


Much like the engagement ring, the circular wedding band represents the unfailing, unending nature of love. Whether traditional or trendy, wedding rings all have the same message in mind. They express commitment, solidarity and devotion–a special bond between two people whose paths have become one. 


Love that lasts is constantly nurtured and given plenty of sincere attention. Jewelry as an anniversary gift is a beautiful commemoration and reminder. The piece celebrates the lasting commitment of two people, their prevailing love and their strong bond. But it also says to the recipient, “You are as loved and valued today as you ever were–even more so.” 


Celebrating one’s birth lets them know you are grateful and fortunate to have their presence in your life. Jewelry featuring one’s birthstone is a popular and thoughtful birthday gift. From elegant emeralds to dazzling diamonds to sparkling sapphires, a birthstone ring, necklace or bracelet honors that special someone in a beautiful way.


Whether graduation, promotion or some other type of success, marking important memories with jewelry is a time-honored tradition. Not only does the piece represent a well-deserved celebration of diligence and hard work, but it also serves as an everlasting reminder of a job well done and a path well-traveled. 

New Mother

Alongside marriage, one of the most momentous occasions is the birth of a child. Carrying a child for nine months and giving birth are jewel-worthy feats, and what better jewel than a diamond to commemorate the happy event? Whether you choose the child’s birthstone or the mother’s favorite jewel, a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can help new parents celebrate in style. 

Men’s Fine Jewelry

Men should shine too! Herz offers men’s fine jewelry for any and every occasion. We understand that men’s diamond rings, men’s engagement rings and men’s black gold and white gold diamond rings are growing in popularity, and we proudly offer a wide array of men’s fine jewelry to suit every style and intention. 

Don’t know their ring size? Don’t worry–we have ways to get around this! Give us a call, and we’ll see if we can help you determine the correct sizing. Remember, we can adjust the size at a later date if necessary.

Start Designing

We believe bespoke jewelry design should be accessible and enjoyable. If you would like to discuss your idea, please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!