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For some, a diamond bracelet is a piece to be worn on special occasions; it signifies something sacred or extraordinary. For others, a diamond bracelet is their daily companion. Paired with a watch or worn alone, the bracelet adds a hint of luxury and class, whether attending a gala or sipping a latte with friends.

Whether you want a diamond bracelet that rises to momentous occasions or makes every occasion shine, Herz is proud to be your personal jeweler. We will work with you every step of the way to create a diamond bracelet that suits the unique style and personality of the wearer and leaves a lasting impression they won’t soon forget. 

The diamond tennis bracelet: an origin story

American world champion tennis player Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet while playing tennis, something that caught the eye of onlookers as both novel and intriguing. It was the late 1970s, and many people were mixing high-end pieces with a more casual wardrobe, a la diamonds with denim. Evert took that concept in a sporty direction, included diamonds in her rigorous athletics.

There are conflicting stories about when the term “tennis bracelet” took hold. According to Evert’s publicist, it was during a 1978 match that the player’s signature diamond bracelet fell off, and she stopped the game to locate it. Today, tennis bracelets have a firm closure, recalling Evert’s unique style and the incident where she nearly lost her jewels.

The diamond tennis bracelet continues to be one of the most popular and beloved styles in the world–worn by both men and women and paired with everything from sportswear to denim to gowns and tuxedos. At Herz, we are excited to discuss how you and your family will add to the story of the famed diamond tennis bracelet.

A multitude of styles and designs

Whether you envision a white gold diamond bracelet, rose gold diamond bracelet, diamond tennis bracelet, gold bangles, or something else, Herz gemologists are here to help you realize that vision. What’s more, we aim to make high-quality diamonds accessible and affordable.

We can create diamond bracelets in various designs, with carat sizes ranging from 1-carat to 20-carats and beyond! Contact us today to discuss your many options for carat weight, price points, diamond shapes and unique designs. 


Diamond bangle bracelet
Gold diamond bracelet
White gold diamond bracelet
Diamond ankle bracelet
Rose gold diamond bracelet
Diamond cuff bracelet
Diamond link bracelet
Diamond bolo bracelet


Round diamond bracelet
Heart diamond bracelet
Emerald cut diamond bracelet
Princess cut diamond bracelet

Diamond Size:

1 carat diamond bracelet
2 carat diamond bracelet
3 carat diamond bracelet
4-carat diamond bracelet
5-carat diamond bracelet
6-carat diamond bracelet
7-carat diamond bracelet
10-carat diamond bracelet
And larger!

Bespoke diamond bracelets

As gemologists and jewelers, the diamond experts at Herz can bring your unique design ideas to life. Some of our clients appreciate the classics but want to add a modern twist or personalized touch. Other clients bring sketches of their completely custom designs so we can transform their dreams into reality.

Still others have a vague idea of what they’d like to create, and we use our expertise in diamond jewelry and design to build something that suits their distinct style. Whether you have a fully-formed vision or aren’t quite sure where to begin, the Herz team is here to help. With your inspiration and our vast knowledge of jewelry design, we will create a masterpiece together. 

Bejeweled bracelets: a history

Bracelets are one of the oldest types of jewelry. Archaeological artifacts and cave paintings show that bracelets may have been worn as early as 40,000 BC. Throughout history, bracelets have been fashioned from a wide array of materials, including wood, leather, metal, beads, and woven cord. More ornate pieces might be decorated with jewels, crystals, feathers or charms.

Today, bracelets continue their reign as one of the most sought-after accessories in the world. They are commonly worn around the wrist but can also be found adorning the ankle. There are many different styles of bracelets, and diamond bracelets are among the most coveted.

Bangle bracelets

Diamond bangle bracelets are unique because of their stiff design. The bangle is believed to have originated in India, where it was commonly crafted from bone, wood, or glass and might be decorated with intricate carvings. Today, diamond bangle bracelets are as trendy as ever and are often stacked in multiples or paired with other bracelet types.

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets go back thousands of years and can be worn on the wrist, mid-arm or upper arm. They were worn by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Myans and Incans and remain in demand currently. Today’s diamond cuff bracelets pay homage to the cuff bracelets of old, which were often accentuated with jewels, diamonds, gemstones and carvings.

Charm bracelets

For tens of thousands of years, people have attached small charms to bracelets. These small amulets often symbolized fertility, luck, faith, health, longevity, and more in Africa and other regions. Today, we continue this tradition with diamond charm bracelets, and the possibilities are endless. Charms represent everything from our pet to our birth month to our favorite musical instrument and much more. 

Start designing

We believe bespoke jewelry design should be accessible and enjoyable. If you would like to discuss your idea, please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!