Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

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At Herz, we carry everything from gold diamond necklaces to solitaire diamond necklaces and much more. As your private jeweler, we aim to help you get more carats for your money. Whether you have a classic style in mind or want to create a bespoke masterpiece, our gemologists and design experts are here to help.

Because they’re larger than rings and bracelets, a necklace has much room for creativity. Unlike an earring, necklaces don’t need to be feather-light to be comfortable. Perhaps you would like to give an initial diamond necklace as a gift. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a choker necklace but want to add a personal touch. Our diamond experts are ready to help you shine. 

Necklace Chains

Choosing your necklace chain is just as important as choosing your jewels. If you have a diamond as the centerpiece, you might opt for a minimalist chain. Or, you might want a chain that makes its own statement–a striking wheat chain or distinctly stylish rope chain.

We offer a wide variety of necklace chains to suit your personal style:


Rope chain necklace
Box chain necklace
Cable chain necklace
Figaro chain necklace
Cuban chain necklace
Roll chain necklace


Yellow gold chain necklace
White gold chain necklace
Rose gold chain necklace

Diamond necklaces: iconic styles

Necklaces are a unique accessory because they are highly visible, and you can attach a jewel that would be too large for an earring or ring. So, what is the difference between a pendant and a necklace? A necklace is an accessory worn around the neck, while the pendant is the jewel suspended from the chain.

According to archeological findings, humans have been wearing necklaces since the dawn of civilization. Early necklaces were crafted from stones, shells, beads and bone and have been discovered in ancient gravesites. Ancient Egyptians created ornate pendants using glass and glazed pottery, and these charms were believed to protect the wearer from evil.

Necklaces stood the test of time and now come in an endless array of designs and styles. But a few types have remained remarkably popular across different eras, generations, and cultures, earning them the title “icon.”

The diamond cross necklace

The cross necklace was first worn by followers of Christ as early as the first century of the Christian era. Today, a cross necklace remains a strong symbol for the faithful but is also widely embraced in the mainstream. For both the “punks” and the pious, the diamond cross necklace remains as simple and sacred as ever. 

The diamond choker necklace

It can be challenging to know precisely when a necklace style came to prominence. We do know that Anne Boleyn (1507-1536) wears a choker necklace in several paintings–hers is a string of pearls with the letter “B.” During the Victorian era, diamond choker necklaces were popular with Royals, and chokers remain trendy, with notable surges in the 20s, 40s, and 90s. Today, you can see diamond choker necklaces everywhere, from the runway to the wedding aisle to an everyday ensemble.

The tennis collar diamond necklace

American world champion tennis player Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet while playing tennis, which caught the eye of onlookers as both novel and intriguing. The tennis bracelet takes its name from Evert, and the tennis diamond necklace is in the style of the bracelet. Some people wear both, while others prefer a diamond tennis necklace because it is more prominent, allowing them to maximize their sparkle.

A variety of styles and designs

Whether you want a white gold diamond necklace, cross diamond necklace, diamond tennis necklace, or something else, Herz gemologists are here to help you create the piece of your dreams. It is our mission to make high-quality diamonds accessible and affordable for all.

We can create diamond necklaces and pendants in various designs, with carat sizes ranging from 1-carat to 20-carats and even larger. Contact us today to discuss your many options for carat weight, price points, diamond shapes and unique designs. 


Diamond cross necklace
Gold diamond necklace
White gold diamond bracelet
Diamond tennis necklace
Diamond initial necklace
Floating diamond necklace
Rose gold diamond necklace
Diamond drop necklace
Teardrop diamond necklace
Diamond lariat necklace
Diamond solitaire necklace
Diamond pendant necklace
Diamond name necklace
Diamond choker necklace
Diamond bar necklace
Diamond bezel necklace
Diamond station necklace
3 diamond necklace
Diamond heart pendant necklace

Diamond Size:

½ carat diamond bracelet
1 carat diamond bracelet
2 carat diamond bracelet
3 carat diamond bracelet


Diamond heart necklace

Bespoke diamond necklaces

Herz’s gemologists, designers and diamond experts can bring your unique design ideas to life. Some of our clients appreciate the classics but want to add a modern twist or personalized touch. Others bring us sketches of their completely custom designs so we can transform their dreams into reality.

Wherever you are in the process, we will use our expertise in diamond jewelry and design to build something that suits your distinct style. Whether you have a fully-formed vision or aren’t quite sure where to begin, the Herz team is here to help. With your inspiration and our vast knowledge of jewelry design, we will create a masterpiece together.

Start designing

We believe bespoke jewelry design should be accessible and enjoyable. If you would like to discuss your idea, please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!